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How to choose and buy eyepieces for microscope for kids

You bought a microscope and are now looking to expand its capabilities.

For this, you can buy a variety of accessories and gears: additional eyepieces, lenses, binocular attachments, illuminators, special camera eyepieces (image receivers) for sending images to a computer and other accessories for the microscope.

Eyepieces are the most sought after accessory for microscopes. Theyare designed to work in conjunction with the lens of the microscope to further increase the intermediate image as it allows for a more detailed viewing of the samples under the microscope. This is called "extension of the line of magnification" of the microscope. It is very simple to calculate the magnification of a microscope. Simply multiply the lens magnification and the eyepiece.For example, if you use a lens with a magnification of 10x and the eyepiece also has a magnification of 10x, the microscope’s magnification would be 100x. Similarly, with a 15x eyepiece magnification of the microscope will be 150x. While buying a microscope eyepiece, it is not worth looking for magnifications over 1500x as microscope objectives, just like other optical instruments, have a limit for resolutio.In microscopes, it is expressed as numerical aperture that is indicated on the labeling of the lens. To determine the maximum useful increase in the numerical aperture of the microscope just multiply the value by 1000. For example, a lens with a numerical aperture of 1.30 would havea maximum useful magnification of 1300x. In more detail, we will focus on the labeling and description of microscope objectives in the next article.

You can find several types of eyepieces of different manufacturers on sale. 
 Microscopes at schools or microscope for kids have the simplest of Huygens eyepieces. Their label on the rim of the eyepiece includes only the magnification, sometimes with the letter H (Huygens). The field of vision of such eyepieces is small. There is no correction of chromatic aberration and they are suitable only for visual observations.
 If there is a letter K on the rim of the eyepiece, then this isthe so-calledcompensatory eyepiece. It compensates for the residual chromatic aberration of achromatic lenses. The label of the eyepiece К10х/18 stands for the following:compensatory eyepiece with a magnification of 10х and18 mm field of vision of the eyepiece. Compensatory eyepieces are suitable for microfilming using digital cameras without detachable optics directly through the eyepiece. Several kinds of compensatory eyepiecesare produced. Currently, you can buy compensatory eyepieces for microscopes of several different manufacturers in the market, but we still recommend you to equip your laboratory with products of one company.

Wide-angle eyepieces are labeledwith the letters WF. For example, an eyepiece WF15/15 has 15хmagnification, and the 15 mm field of vision. You can find wide-angle eyepieces made by OptiTech on sale in the market.
Specialized measuring eyepieces (micrometric eyepieces) are also available for sale. They are very convenient because they can be used to accurately and clearly measure the size of the observed object. Companies produce measuring eyepiece К7х. Also you can pair such an eyepiece with a net, such as the Avtandilov net. This net helps in measuring the area of the object.
Educational microscopes often have eyepieces with pointers, such asthe eyepiece “WF10х/18 with a pointer”. This is a special needle in the eyepiece, which the teacher can use to refer to a certain part of the observed object through the microscope in order to focus the attention of students and pupils on it. The needle in the eyepiece with the pointer is removable, and so is the scale.

Of late Digital Camera-Eyepieces for Microscopes have been very popular. This digital camera has been designed specifically for using with a microscope. It can work with all kinds of optical microscopes - biological, microscope for kids, educational, mono-and binocular.
The image of the observed object can be precisely transmitted to the computer screen, which makes it easy to explore, compare and other related work.


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