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Microscope for children: what is it like?

If you want to distract your child from useless pastime in front of the computer, you may present him a digital "children's microscope".

It is nearly impossible to get the young generation away from their computers. But, staying in front of their monitors, children spend most of their time communicating on different social networks or playing computer games, which does not give anything useful in the sense of education. And if you want to distract your child from useless pastime in front of the computer, you may present him a digital "children's microscope". It is not a toy at all, but the real optical device for supervision and microcosm research.

If your child often asks you questions you are not able to give intelligible answers, for example, "how does  the screen of the mobile phone work? ", "why does the dragonfly buzz? ", and "why does the nettle prick? " also asks about many other things, the digital microscope will visually show him all this. The digital microscope will be able to turn the computer of the child into a fascinating and informative laboratory. It is an excellent gift for preschool children. Having looked at how at high zoom these or those objects, the child will have no difficulties at biology or natural sciences lessons at school.

The children's microscope (and other types of microscope) allows them to obtain knowledge in a practical way, without imagining under dry explanations of textbooks, and visually observing objects of studying in a necessary shape. Applying the USB microscope, the child can create his own movie about the microcosm or create its surprising digital images. With such an assistant studying will cease to be tiresome and uninteresting because the children's microscope is an excellent addition recovering textbooks! And after all the microscope will be not less interesting for the adult who can  join the lessons of the child, which, besides good marks, will bring common interests and, as a result, unity of parents with their child.

The price of a "kids microscope", even digital, is not very expensive. It will cost much smaller money than a modern computer or even a laptop. For children of school age there is no sense to buy a microscope with a zoom more than 640x.
Microscopes with a very high zoom are generally used for supervision of microbes, and for preparation of such devices special skills are required. The child will not be able to master it anyway. Therefore experts of our site "" recommend not to overpay, and to choose for the child an USB microscope of initial level, for example, the Standard-20 model. It will be enough for children's researches. In many stereo microscopes for kids there is a possibility of tuning the zoom. Therefore the small zoom, for example in 40x, will allow to observe small scales on leaves of plants or hair, and having zoomed leaves in 600 times, the child will be able to understand what makes them green.
The microscope will help the child to live in order tell how it is important to look after its condition.  For this purpose it is enough to show it in a zoomed view, for example, how dirt under nails looks.  And there is no doubt that the hairstyle and care of nails after that will turn into daily need for such children.
Almost all microscopes are completed with several lenses (3, 4 and more) and even several eyepieces. It allows adjusting the general zoom, so to use the optical device for supervision of various environments.

The "microscopes for children" or "microscopes for students" is also useful for adults. The microscope with the maximum zoom approximately in 640 times which we called children’s can quite be useful for an adult. These microscopes can be recommended safely to those who are engaged in the soldering of microelectronic elements, and also repair of hours. Having adjusted such microscope on the minimum zoom, it becomes much simpler to perform tiny works. By means of this microscope it is possible to see even a structure of pixels on the TV or mobile phone screen.


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