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How to choose and buy lens system for kids microscope

One of the main parts of the kids microscope as well as kids telescope is a lens system. It is necessary to be serious and scrupulous when selecting and buying lens system for kids microscope.


The quality of a picture produced by a kids microscope depends on that factor and it influences the size of an object you want to see in a kids microscope. There are a lot of different lens systems for kids microscope of different manufacturers. According to the character of optical correction of aberration the lens systems are divided into achromatic lens, apochromatic lens, planachromatic lens, planapochromatic lens. There are some specialized lens systems but we will not take them into consideration as they are only needed for special researches and for the home use they will be too expensive.

According to the type of immersion they are divided into the non-immersion (dry), with water immersion and with oil immersion. Immersion is a liquid that is in between the cover glass and a lens immersed into it. It changes the coefficient of an interception of an environment between the lens and an object of inspection and all beams go into the lens, in another words it increases the resolution of the object. Immersion lenses usually can be with big zoom from 40 folds and up. In oil immersion the cedar oil or special synthetic oil is used, the use of other oils is not allowed. In water immersion the distilled water is used.

The marking according to the immersion of a lens of a kids microscope is done as in the following.
МИ, Oil and black ring on the lens barrel – oil immersion.
ВИ, W and white ring on the lens barrel – water immersion.
Color identification is accepted in Russia, but on foreign lenses there can be any color ring.
If there are no any immersion signs on the lens system then it is dry lens.


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