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What is a kids microscope used for by a child?

If you drop in any real or virtual shop of developmental toys in a real variety of toys you will by all means find kids microscopes.


It seems that a fashion for them has appeared not long ago in the epoch of total “developing” of children almost from the cradle. But it is not that true. Such toys were known in the XVIII century even. At that time they were called “flea glasses”. In a bright carton tube of 2 cm length a convexo-convex lens was placed at one side, and at the other one a flat glass with an object fastened to it. For example, a flea (so that is why it got such a name). These toys didn’t cost much and enjoyed wide popularity. Up-to-date kids microscopes are also rather popular.
It is not an easy matter to find someone among preschool children who is not interested in the structure of the whole creation in the world.  Every day children ask their mothers and fathers tens of questions. Curious kids are interested in actually everything: what animals and plants consist of, how nettle stings, why some leaves are smooth and some are fluffy, how a grasshopper chirms, why a tomato is red while a cucumber is green. And it is a kids microscope that will give an opportunity to find the answers for a lot of children’s questions “why”. It is much more interesting not just to listen to Mum’s stories about some cells, but to look at them with your own eyes. It’s hard to even imagine what exciting images can be seen in the kids microscope eyepiece, what wonderful discoveries your little naturalist will make.
Occupation with a kids microscope will help your child to widen his knowledge about the world around us, create necessary conditions for cognitive activities, experimenting and systematic observation of animate and inanimate things of all possible kinds. Curiosity, interest to the phenomena happening round him will develop in your child. He will state the questions and look for answers without your assistance. A little researcher  will be able to give a fresh glance at the simplest things, to see their beauty and uniqueness. All of that will become a durable foundation for further development and studying.

It is necessary to point out that interest of at least one more member of the family is very important, for instance, of mother, father, elder brother or sister. Then they will share their common interests. The kid himself, unless he is a born biologist, without your active aid and participation, will hardly be occupied with a kids microscope for a long time.


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