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You’ve decided to buy a kids microscope?

How to choose and buy microscope for kids or students?
You’ve decided to buy a kids microscope? But you’ve lost in a variety of them. You have to determine the criteria for this device.


And consider every of them. After that you can make the right choice and buy a kids microscope that meets the requirements of the young researchers.

At first, you have to decide what magnification degree your child needs. Variety of functions of the kids microscope and its cost depends on its magnification degree. The experts recommend to buy the kids microscope with a changeable lens, that give capabilities of zooming. It should be considered, that even the kids microscope with the high magnification requires certain skills. The work with a small picture is meticulous. It requires easy movements of the arms, accuracy. You can’t expect it from the young researchers. High degree magnification microscopes are good for the kids with an experience in that sphere, who are familiar with organization of the primitive cells of plants and animals.

The next criterion is lighting. Today a lot of microscopes have set-in lighting that makes it easier to use. The child can set it up in any place and use independently of outside lighting. You should remember that you are buying a kids microscope. That’s why such quality as steadiness is important. Choose kids microscope with a massive heavy base. Due to that kid won’t be able to move it in opportune moment, breaking the sharpness and location of the object. The microscope with a big base can hardly be knocked off the table. After all kid can be so fidgety! The microscope kit often includes a set of ready specimens.

That will make it easier for you to find objects for preparation. Also you should pay attention if the kids microscope includes forceps, knife for sections and so on. It will be hard to work for young researchers without these “accessories”. But to replacing them with everyday analogues will be harmful. Choosing kids microscope you should also buy microscope glasses. There are two kinds of them: preparation glass (an object is placed on it) and cover glass (is placed on the object for more detailed observation). It should be also mentioned that some objects have to be colored to observe. So the kid needs certain reagents.

Well, that’s almost it. One thing left. You have to buy a proper case or box to keep the kids microscope and all associate accessories. And then you can take a scientific and research “voyage” together with kids.


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