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Kids microscope: what you should pay attention to

There are a variety of microscopes, including microscope for kids. This provokes a question Ц what is the difference between kids microscope and usual optical device?


It’s quite simple. It is significant, that if the microscope is for kids, it doesn’t mean it’s a toy. Kids microscope is a usual one, but is adapted to a work with young researchers. For example, kids microscope has bright color and firm base. In other words, saying the microscope for kids we mean usual biological optical device, which is used in different laboratory exams in medical settings, research centers.

The only difference of the kids microscope is a simpler design of the device. The kid has to understand the device by himself to investigate the micro world. Microscopes for kids are smaller than the same devices in laboratories. That’s why it’s easy to carry the device from place to place, you can use it at home, do various studies outside, for instance in the park, or take it to the school. Kids microscope is not a new phenomenon. This kind of devices was used back in XVIII century. The device was made of carton tube, biconvex lens and flat glass.

Today kids microscope has achromatic lens, professional magnification, sometimes even 1000 times magnification. In most of the microscopes the magnification can be regulated by revolver attachment or setting of the changeable lens. Microscope for study is a serious device, so you have to be responsible, buying it. There are so many different kinds of microscopes for kids. One of the most widespread microscopes is monocular biological microscope with one eyelens. These devices are used in school on the lessons of biology. You may examine transparent objects with simple biological microscope, using object plates and transmitted light, and opaque objects, using reflected light. Another important characteristic is magnification of the device. Usually microscope with a 400-600 times magnification is enough for kids or young students.


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